Thursday, 18 February 2016

Sacrifice people's life now for future human race survival

I had one question that keep running in my head until now. This question was first came from my roomate that he ask me just now. So I want you guys to think a same thing for a better solution.

My roomate ask me that ; 'If we were given two option, First, we sacrifice some of people's life nowadays (for example 5 million people) in order for the future human race survival, or we just leave them alive but the future human race will extinct.'

So what do you guys think? What do we suppose to do? This thing keep running in my head and I still can't find the solution...


  1. Rukun Iman ke-enam. Kepercayaan qada' dan qadar.

  2. Kita bukan tuhan, nak menghukum mana satu berhak hidup dan mana satu tidak berhak.

    1. We as humans can make a judgement call.
      Especially when times of crisis will be upon us, the worst thing to do is being neutral. For example if the crisis what azeezy stated comes, we must make a judgement call to decide on whats best for humans. If we don't act, than we would be very selfish to not care about future generations. Yet again, this is my sole opinion.

  3. Here is my full article regarding this matter. (Part I).


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